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Excellent Service, Great Prices

We are proud to offer CSD Sealants!  

CSD products have been applied worldwide for over 35 years, and are installed in virtually every type of industrial, utility, institutional and high-tech facility in existence. Hans Beele is regarded as a leading authority on passive fire safety, and has shared his expertise with Industry, Insurance Underwriters, Fire Test Laboratories and Governmental Agencies. In addition, he has educated countless private entities on the importance of passive fire protection and effective watertight and gas-tight sealing.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to cable and pipe penetration seals. Many factors need to be considered when making the decision on which products to use for your project.  CSD products are the choice of Architects, Engineers, Designers and Contractors worldwide. Following are just some of the reasons why they choose CSD and why you should too:

  • They're experts in passive fire protection, watertight and gas-tight sealing, with over 35 years of experience.
  • They're Dutch - nobody knows how to solve water sealing problems better than us!
  • Products that undergo rigorous testing to ASTM/UL Fire Test standards.
  • Products that are approved for both cabling and piping; makes materials management simple.
  • Products that contain no mineral wool components, eliminating moisture retention problems.
  • Products that contain no metal parts, eliminating corrosion problems.
  • Products that have been age tested, demonstrating up to 50 year life span.
  • Proprietary expanding technology - products that seal off gaps due to poor maintenance in practice.
  • Products that work from the day that they are installed to when it really counts - throughout the life of the installation.
  • Products that are price competitive with other systems.
  • Products that are approved for use by the largest industrial companies in the world.
  • A company that offers technical support and specification assistance for difficult applications
  • A company that has distributors and technical reps around the world. Service where you need it

These are just a few of the many reasons why CSD is the Ideal choice for countless Industries.  Let us help you with your Onshore needs today